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The Agpro ProFeederThe Agpro ProFeeder

The Agpro. Pro Feeder- automatic horse feeder is beneficial for both owners and horses. Horses benefit greatly from frequent small meals. An automatic horse feeder will improve both you and your horse's quality of life.  A 24 hour programmable controller is provided to dispense feed at the desired times and amounts for your peace of mind.  The feeders can be wall mounted in your barn or horse stalls.  They can be fence mounted or provided with legs to stand alone. An automatic horse feeder is a perfect addition to your new barn.  You can also feed other animals with these automatic feeders. Alpacas, lamas, goats, steers, sheep and dogs can all be fed automatically.  The feeder is water-tight and constructed from stainless steel.  The feeder comes in both 120 VAC and 12 DC models.   Horsemen and equine professionals across the country are discovering the advantages of the Agpro. Pro Feeder - automatic horse feeders.

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  Healthier Horses - Veterinarians agree that frequent, small feedings is better for your horse's digestive system. Feed 6 to 12 meals per day for healthier horses. This is practical only with automatic horse feeders.

Don't Feed More,
Feed More Often!!!

  Convenience  Perform your barn chores when it is convenient for you. Your horses will be fed at the correct time and the correct amount even if you are late.
  Healthy horses need consistant feed times.  An automatic feeder can help.
  Save Time  The feeder automatically feeds your animals as frequently as you desire. Many small feedings are possible without consuming your valuable time.  
  Safety  The Pro Feeder mounts securely to the outside of your stall. It is designed with rounded edges to protect your horse.

Spend more time riding!!


  Simply fill the automatic equine feeders with a 50 lb. bag of feed, program it for the desired feed times, and rest assured that your horse will be fed the correct amount at the correct time. An automatic horse feeder is a great addition to your new stalls, incorporate it into your new barn design or retrofit your existing barn. Veterinarians agree that frequent small meals are more healthy for your stalled horses. An automatic horse feeder can provide this for you.


"The Agpro Pro Feeder, automatic horse feeder has changed our lives."

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Automatic horse feeder being loaded with feed.
Stainless steel horse feeder mounts outside of stall Horse feeders contain a 50 lb bag of feed
  • Agpro. manufactures Automatic Horse Feeders that will reliably feed your horses up to 12 times a day.  Horses fed multiple small meals are less prone to boredom, colic and vices.  The automatic horse feeders allow you to provide a more natural feeding schedule for your horse.
  • Owners appreciate the convenience of loading the automatic horse feeders with a full bag of feed.  No more time wasted scooping feed into horse feeders.  The automatic horse feeder will dispense feed at the desired times and amounts.
  • Horses appreciate being fed on time with the automatic horse feeder.  If you are running late your horse will be fed on time by the Agpro. Pro Feeder.